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Passionate about being a leading bookmaker

SKS365 Group is a multi-licensed international bookmaker and gaming operator from Austria, which has made waves in the European gaming sector since its foundation in 2009. With over one and 480.000 registered customers today, our flagship brand planetwin365 is one of the fastest growing sports betting portals in Europe and the SKS365 group of companies has become known as a leading European betting and gaming establishment.

The company was founded in Innsbruck, Austria, in 2009 with a clear international orientation and the spirit to do things differently in gaming. It’s not just about the numbers, it’s also about people, professionalism and skills. Now a few years after making its debut on the European scene, SKS365 Group has successfully established a new way of doing business. It is the entrepreneurial drive and the true understanding of bringing value to the customer that keeps SKS365 Group and its products fresh, innovative and standing out from the competition. We are passionate about being a leading European betting and gaming operator.

Creating value with international online and land-based services

A clear focus on bringing value to the customer is what pushes us forward in every market that we enter. SKS365 Group independently manages its own vast sportsbook and offers both online and land-based gaming services, known to consumers under the brand name planetwin365. Constant international expansion of our online and retail business since day one has brought the number of planetwin365 retail outlets to 1000 across Italian territory. Growing steadily, a total of over 500 million bets have been placed in our bookmaking system since the start of operations in 2009. Now SKS365 Group processes an average of over 370,000 wagers per day, with peaks of 800,000 wagers per day and 2000 wagers per minute.

The SKS365 group of companies is licensed and regulated from seven European countries. Many local retail partners together with company-owned shops make up a land-based network that spans five countries: SKS365 Group is present with planetwin365 betting shops in Austria, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro and Belgium, where the company and its partners hold licenses for land-based gaming operations under national regulations. In addition, SKS365 Group has online betting and gaming licenses from Malta and Spain. Spain saw the launch of a national planetwin365.es online portal in late 2015.

SKS365 Group and its brand planetwin365 already range among the market leaders in Italy and Serbia. The SKS365 group of companies directly employs over 250 people and creates further business opportunities and jobs for thousands of retail partners and their staff. The company group is based in Malta and has further offices in Rome and Belgrade.

Entrepreneurial, multinational and pioneering from start to finish

Being a multinational enterprise from its core, SKS365 Group’s top managers from around Europe are responsible to advance and consolidate the company’s international position. A great love for sports, paired with over 18 years of successes in bookmaking and gaming give SKS365 Group’s management team the understanding and strength to provide customers and business partners with the best deal on the market. Adding to their expertise are top-level industry specialists, who drive the company’s innovation and ensure the quality and reliability of the products.

The team’s passion for sports and bookmaking and its commitment to create value in entertainment are the keys to give customers a better sports betting experience and retail partners better business opportunities. The company’s founders and owners ensure that the entrepreneurial spirit which has made SKS365 Group grow from ten to 250 employees across seven countries in a few years is still kept alive with agile and forward-thinking decision making. This leadership and experience makes SKS365 Group modern, innovative, fast, highly competitive and therefore often pioneering the industry developments in its markets.

Working actively for the integrity of sports

SKS365 Group, its management and its bookmaking experts are strongly committed to fighting against the manipulation of sports competitions. The company regularly takes an active role in informing and supporting the relevant authorities, institutions and sports bodies in their efforts to combat match-fixing. Genuine, clean and fair sports competitions are as vital for the bookmaking business as they are for fans and the whole world of sports entertainment. Therefore SKS365 Group is a natural ally and strong supporter of any endeavour to improve and protect the integrity of sports. To that end, SKS365 Group is also a proud official partner of the FIFA Early Warning System.

SKS365 Foundation

SKS365 Group strives to be a welcome, recognized and valued member of the communities where we are present and of society in general. The SKS365 Foundation is the charitable arm of the SKS365 group of companies and engages in projects around Europe, focussing  on quality child and youth development, equal opportunities and the empowerment of marginalized groups. To learn more about the SKS365 Foundation’s work please visit their website http://sks365foundation.com.