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"The largest city in Serbia, Belgrade is also its capital. It is an ancient city with history traced back to some 7000 years. Its strategic location – in the heart of the Balkans, and a place where Sava river is flowing into the Danube - has defined Belgrade’s turbulent history throughout the centuries. The city has been destroyed and re-built tens of times just in the past few centuries. One can still see the traces of the Vinca culture , the Thraco-Dacians and the Cetls who named the city Singidun. The Sity was then concurred by the Romans during the reign of Augustus, followed by the Slavs settling in the 520s. Belgrade has three main parts – The Old Belgrade, New Belgrade and Zemun. The Sava river is the natural border between the old town and the new. The old town is not so old after all – its architecture is mostly post Ottoman empire pre-World Wars. In the evenings its Kneza Mihajlova street is a manifestation of people, street vendors, shops open till late, kafanas, street music and so much more. The spirit of the city and its people is as vibrant and rich as its history! Spring, Summer and Autumn in Belgrade spent anywhere along the keys of the two rivers – Danube and Sava could be all one needs. There are tens of kilometers of river side dotted with unique coffee shops “kafana”, bars, restaurants and even night clubs, built on floating platforms on the rivers. If that is not your thing visit one of the two big islands – one in the Danube and one in the Sava and you will find yourself in a different world. Ada Ziganlia – the island in the Sava, is a beautiful recreational area with thick forests covering a part of it and numerous sports grounds including rugby and baseball clubs, cycling lanes, BBQ area and of course – kafanas and restaurants. Cycling and rollerblading is a thing in Belgrade – especially in the new part of town. You can see whole families together rolling or cycling in the wide lanes and numerous recreational areas in the spaciously designed New Belgrade."

- Petya Angelova Veleva, Product Manager