Bookmaking function represents the core activity of our business.

The Bookmaking department consists of 4 divisions:

Live Betting
One passion - Sport

Live Betting sector deals with the processing of bets that arrive only when the match is in progress. Live is quite appealing to customers because of the speed of the event as everything is happening in real time which adds extra weight to the betting itself.

Love at First Odd

Odds division is split into two parts, soccer and other sports. They make pre-match odds for sports events (Soccer, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Hockey, Tennis, Skiing, Darts, Snooker, Formula 1 racing etc.) and some other things like Sanremo Music Festival, Oscar, Eurosong, MTV Music Awards, elections, reality programs etc. They do a lot of market research on various sites and portals before giving odds, to be more competitive in the world of betting. Basically everything starts from them, as they give the first odds (pre-match odds) for everything on the website.

We Produce Results

Results department controls all sport events in the prematch offer, makes sure names, venues and times of sport events are accurate. One of our main tasks involves payment of results immediately after the games are finished so that clients get their winnings as quickly as possible. Results department is the final link in Bookmaking chain, responsible for match verification and payouts. Customer satisfaction depends a lot on their promptness and accuracy, as well as cashflow, therefore it directly impacts the business itself.

Respect for Sport

Risk sector, like its name says, is in charge of risk
assessment. Some of the basic obligations of the department are keeping track of clients behaviours and related activities.