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Dear Fellow Colleague,

it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to SKS365! We are very excited to have you on board with us!

As a Company, we acknowledge our people as the key to our success to deliver a gaming experience of superior quality and value that enhances our customers’ lives. As a result, customers will reward us with leadership sales, revenues and value creation, allowing our people, our shareholders, and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.

The worth of our people is a major reason why our Company continues to perform well – and why we are so excited about the future as we work together to deliver our commitment to innovating the gaming industry.

Our focus is on hiring great people and driving high performance; developing the next generation of leaders; valuing the diversity of our employees; encouraging and rewarding entrepreneurial behaviour; and creating an engaging culture where individuals and teams can be successful.

The way our people operate is embodied in our six fundamental pillars:

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We openly encourage our people to express thoughts and ideas that enable SKS365 to achieve its ambitions.


Our passion drives us to become the best at what we do and to become the market leader.


Being courageous and seizing the initiative is what makes us different! We push boundaries and relish the responsibility that comes with it.


We pride ourselves on being open, genuine and honest in all that we do! We say and do what is right for our people and customers.


We value and embrace the diversity of our people. The strong bond of trust, friendship and teamwork amongst our people is the defining characteristic of SKS365.


We act and think as one Company and adapt locally whilst keeping it simple and inclusive.

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SKS365 is a multi-licensed international bookmaker and gaming operator, which has made waves in the European gaming sector since its foundation in 2009. With over 500.000 registered customers today, our flagship brand planetwin365 is one of the fastest growing sports betting portals in Europe and the SKS365 group of companies has become known as a leading European betting and gaming establishment.

A clear focus on bringing value to the customer is what pushes us forward in every market that we enter. SKS365 independently manages its own vast sportsbook and offers as planetwin365, both online and land-based gaming services. Constant international expansion of our online and retail business since day one, has brought the number of planetwin365 retail outlets to 1000 across Europe. Growing steadily, a total of over 500 million bets have been placed in our bookmaking system since the start of operations. Now SKS365 processes an average of over 350,000 wagers per day, with peaks of 800,000 wagers per day and 2000 wagers per minute.

SKS365 and its brand planetwin365 already range among the market leaders in Italy. The SKS365 group directly employs about 500 people and creates further business opportunities and jobs for thousands of retail partners and their staff. The Company group is based in Malta and has branch offices in Rome (Italy), Belgrade (Serbia) and Innsbruck (Austria).


At SKS365 we believe in responsible betting. We put the customer first in everything we do, because of our love for sports and entertainment. Betting should be a fun pastime and we encourage our customers to enjoy it without risks, not betting beyond their means.

We are committed to endorsing responsible wagering among our customers as well as promoting the awareness of problem gambling and improving prevention, intervention and treatment.


The Company aims are to deliver the highest quality and safest gaming and entertainment services to customers, through several investments in innovative solutions.

We pay great attention to player safeguarding, transparency and compliance. We work constantly to enable customers to bet in a safe environment while protecting the integrity of the sector.


SKS365 Retail Products
Sport Betting


Over 1.000 types of wagers, 8.000 pre-match events per week. A fun and immersive gaming experience, with a wide range and multi-channel offer.

Sport Betting


Great live betting odds offerings. More than 500 live events during the week and over 1.200 live events over the weekend.

Sport Betting


Renewed graphics, 3 virtual channels, 3 different versions of football, horse and greyhound racing, car and moto racing, tennis and cycling.

Betting Terminal


Our multifunctional self service station, to have fun freely a user friendly interface with a quick access to betting and virtual sports integrated.​


We’ve kept this Guide short so as not to bore you!

We know how it feels when you have many questions but you are not sure where to find the answers – that is exactly why we made this Guide – to help you get oriented and get to know the Company during your first days with us!

Interested in how we work, live, communicate, socialize, behave? What written and unwritten rules we stick to? What we offer and what we expect from you? Where to find more information or who you can ask for help? Employee’s Guide has all the answers!

This Guide will give you all the information you need while working here at SKS365, but for further details, you can always refer to your manager, your HR Team, local legislation and Rulebook.

Providing a safe place to work, protecting our employees’ wellbeing and listening to their views are fundamental, and the Employee’s Guide to SKS365 provides information on certain policies and benefits which are in effect in our Company.

These policies may be modified or integrated with new material, as part of our continuous effort to improve operations and to make SKS365 a better place to work. So if we make changes we will let you know.

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"An office is for not dying. An office is a place to live life to the fullest, to the max, to... An office is a place where dreams come true.“

- Michael Scott (Steve Carell), The Office, Season 5: Stress Relief

Our office is a place where we run our business battles and win our challenges, but we prefer to see it as a social space where we spend time together working, having food/drink breaks, chatting and having fun in break areas and so much more.

This is where we collaborate, debate, create, deliver, share our stories of success or epic failure, celebrate, ask for advice, get to know amazing people, support each other, offer a helping hand, have lots of laughs, propose how to fix things, and warmly welcome fellow colleagues from other offices.

  • Use common but appropriate words when writing to or speaking with colleagues – no one likes to spend time figuring out the meaning of complicated messages;
  • If you want to call a meeting or exchange a few ideas with your team - find the nearest spare corner, meeting room or other covenient place to pop into and brief each other;
  • There are no special office conduct or tidiness rules, just use your best judgement and don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do at home – be responsible and take care of your office and stuff;
  • Sitting in an open space? Then you know you should avoid taking calls at your desk and speaking loudly, as well as listening to music, having lunch or anything else that can distract your colleagues. To cut a long story short: don’t do anything you wouldn’t like to be exposed to yourself.
  • Your social life at the office starts from day one! Your buddy will guide you through the office, facilitate your induction and answer any questions. Then you’re ready to go! Mingle, chat, and spread your social circle.

    We value hard work and dedication, but we also celebrate small and big success to recharge our batteries.

    Don’t miss our social events: they are the perfect chance to get to know your colleagues personally and to connect with them more closely.

    Contact your Reception desk for any office related stuff and they will be glad to assist.


    Get to know our systems that will provide you with a unique employee experience!

    All personal and job information, just one click away from you.

    We use BambooHR to keep track of and manage your employment information. Besides having access to your profile, you can even update your personal information, request time off, view the Company directory and org chart, read all Company legal policies and so much more. Yes, it is an HR software that interacts with you! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

    Recruitment software powering hiring success.

    SmartRecruiters software is used to support the whole source-to-hire process. It is designed to increase recruitment productivity, foster hiring team collaboration and enhance the candidate experience from source to hire. It is mostly used by the HR team and Hiring Managers, but it will also be accessible to all employees. Feel free to use it for two activities: applying for internal ads and submitting referrals for open roles.

    Knowledge always available.

    In collaboration with iGaming Academy we developed our e-learning platform. Keeping in mind the challenges of the gaming industry, we must stay compliant in our day-to-day business. But don’t worry, we will provide you with mandatory training in this field. Nevertheless, the learning opportunities we offer go beyond mandatory training – so be prepared to boost your knowledge!

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    We don’t stop taking care of you once we have you on board!

    Our mission to keep you satisfied throughout is just beginning! That is why benefits exist. Our offer is far from being definite, but...

  • Home of talent – We want you to benefit from working with us, that’s why we have modern HR softwares, nurture a strong feedback culture, develop and value our people.
  • Wellbeing matters – Rest assured that we are continually dedicated to providing more for you!
  • Office space you love to be in - Colourful work spaces, amazing break areas, drinks, fruit & snack corners! We like to feel cheerful and radiate positive energy.
  • Health insurance packages are aimed to keep you on your feet while gym membership is for those who want to keep fit and attractive (which you are - no matter what - as far as we are concerned).
  • Up to 27 days of annual leave! We work hard and we get enough time to recharge our energy and come back to the office with renewed enthusiasm.
  • We appreciate money is important – hence we have designed programmes to reward your extra effort.

  • Reward scheme: if the Company makes a profit – we all benefit from that! Your commitment to achieving Company goals is recognized and rewarded.
  • Referral scheme: you know a rockstar for particular job - that person is your acquaintance? Why not refer them and double the benefit – you will be compensated for referral.
  • In any case, our benefits are continually evolving, and we welcome your input on how we can make this an even better place for you to work and thrive.

    NOTE: Be aware that some benefits are location specific and you may not be eligible to use all of the above listed. If you have any queries ask your HR Department for information.


    At SKS365 we want our people to have a good balance between work and family and all the other important things in life.

    If you find yourself working long hours, or just generally feel like that balance is out of whack, be sure to raise the issue with your manager or HR Department.

    Also, if you wish to do something else on the side, do let us know. So whether you’re a Picasso in your free time, or a budding Rockstar, or even have your own business, just say the word and you’re good to go. We will cheer you on as long as your other employment does not cause problems with your main job with us at SKS365.


    Need to recharge your batteries?

    In general, it is considered good practice to provide two days’ notice for each day of annual leave.

    For example, if you're taking two-weeks’ annual leave, let us know a month in advance.

    For one day annual leave, two days’ notice is usually sufficient.

    You are responsible to make sure that your manager and your coworkers know about your annual leave and that arrangements have been made to cover for you while you're away.

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    Sick Leave Image


    According to your country’s local legislation, you’re entitled to sick leave.

    Golden rule: if you’re sick, stay at home! (and go to the Doctor)

    Step 1

    E-mail your manager and HR department early in the morning when you need to take sick leave and send the doctor’s certificate.

    Step 2

    Record the time off as Sick Leave in BambooHR, so your coworkers are aware.

    Employees who are contagious, coughing, or sneezing are not permitted to come in to the office.

    Heroes that can make the rest of us sick will not be appreciated.

    Your local HR department will definitely help you find out your entitlement for annual leave and sick leave, just ask!

    1) Discuss with your manager/inform your team.

    2) Request > Approval > Book your annual leave.

    3) Enjoy your vacation.

    4) Come back refreshed!

    and before you go, please remember to:

    1) Wrap up your projects

    2) Make sure you have coverage.

    3) Don’t leave people waiting for a reply.

    4) Request annual leave through BambooHR and send a reminder before you go.

    What happens to my unused vacation leave entitlement at the end of the year?

    Some of your entitlement won't expire, depending on local legislation.


    We are committed to support you in developing your potential.

    It doesn’t mean we can help you become a world class scientist or win an Academy Award, but our aim is to provide trainings and opportunities that can help you grow.

    Therefore, we are willing to meet the efforts and costs associated with necessary and identified personal study and training focused on career and personal development requirements.

    Opportunities for training are based on the requirements of the job and career development plans with people’s strengths and merit as a foundation.

    What do we ask in return?

    You think there is a catch, but no… all you need to do is take ownership of your personal development!

    What do we mean by that?

    We want you to be actively engaged in:

  • Identifying your strengths and the areas you want to work on. Keep in mind that you are responsible for making sure your manager and HR team know your professional aspirations, so they can help you move toward achieving those.
  • Creating your personal development plan which may include thinking about long term career advancement.
  • Broadening your horizons by acquiring new skills like general business knowledge and leadership.
  • Giving your best to achieve the expected standards and getting involved in learning so you make the most of it.
  • Yes, that’s it, we promise.

    From time to time you will be required to complete mandatory learning modules - which you may consider redundant, but please don’t! Think of it as your contribution to the Company in achieving the objective of being compliant – which is crucial for enabling and enhancing our business! We may not always realize the importance of being compliant until an accident happens, but let’s stay one step ahead and minimize risk by keeping ourselves informed. Or just stick to our quote “Mandatory learning is not optional”!

    You will probably associate the SKS365 e-learning portal with mandatory learning and you are right, but this platform is meant to be more than that. This portal was developed for our training purposes and is a storage for training manuals where you can refresh your knowledge any time you want; a tool for telling us what you think on various topics through surveys, and an elegant way to learn something new quickly and easily – that is what the SKS365 e-learning portal is for!

    If you are considering engaging in highly professional trainings or specialized education demanding significant financial and time resources, it might be provided to you by the Company and may require special arrangements, keeping in mind the benefits obtained on both sides. In this particular case, details will be discussed with you, and your consent is a key condition.

    The way we work gives you the opportunity to take advantage of other great ways to be developed: working with professionals happy to share their knowledge, a fast-paced industry, new technologies, career advancement opportunities, and coping with demanding situations that enable you to learn.

    Further information about training & development can be obtained from line managers or from the HR department.

    Training and Deveopment Image
    Compliance Guidelines


    Do the right thing!

    Here at SKS365 it is our responsibility to conduct our activities with the highest standards of conduct in mind.

    This requires our personal commitment to:

  • Become familiar with and comply with relevant SKS365 Policies
  • Obey laws and regulations
  • Be honest, fair, and trustworthy in our activities
  • Foster an atmosphere in which equal opportunity is extended to every member of our diverse community
  • Create a safe community in and out of the office
  • Avoid conflicts of interest between our work and personal affairs
  • Sustain a culture in which ethical conduct is recognized, respected and promoted
  • You are doing the right thing if you can answer ‘YES’ to these questions:

  • Am I being fair and truthful?
  • Is it legal and consistent with Company policy?
  • Am I acting in the best interests of the Company and our stakeholders?
  • Would I be proud to tell someone about it?
  • Would I be comfortable seeing it reported in the media?
  • Will it protect SKS365’s reputation as an ethical Company?
  • So any time:

  • You need advice.
  • You don’t know the right action to take.
  • You believe someone has violated the law, or our policies.
  • You believe someone has acted unethically.
  • You may have been involved in misconduct.
  • Speak up! - Refer to our Company policies which you may find online and go to your Compliance Officer.


    Dress to impress!

    It is important that employees appear clean at all times when at work, particularly when in contact with clients, other business contacts or the general public, but SKS365 is not the button-up work environment you may have experienced in the past: we dress relaxed.

    The only request is that you don’t dress in a way that would disappoint your family, especially grandma.

    Dress Code Image
    Company Assets Image


    As we all know, a modern workplace is impossible to imagine without computers, cell phones and gadgets!

    Just make sure that you use them responsibly, and to take care of them just as you would your own, so don’t share your devices with anyone else. Also, please don’t use your own USB drives and similar tools on Company computers. If you need help with some of those pesky apps or you have general IT troubles, just contact our friendly colleagues from service desk and they will solve any problems!

    Bear in mind that using the internet may lead to negative consequences, so in order to keep both you and the Company safe, when you access or use Company Computer Resources, we keep track of data (including login information, emails, instant message logs, and browser history). As GDPR is the current buzz, feel free to reach out to our Data Protection Officer (DPO) on dpo@sks365.com for anything related to your personal information.

    Also, we use Skype for chit-chat, so please keep mail communication professional! Sign all your e-mails and include a confidentiality note for deletion in case it is received in error, in order to avoid any confusion.

    When in doubt, feel free to ask service desk for any type of help or advice, and please consult policies on BambooHR.

    On the other side, love your bling-bling or your gold Rolex? Got a treasure chest that’s important to you? Keep it safe at home! We’d rather you keep your precious stuff away from the office so you don’t have to worry about while you’re at work. If you must bring something important with you at the office, keep it locked up, and do let us know if this is not possible, so we can help you find a treasure chest for your precious stuff.

    Rest assured we’ll give you the tools you need to work your magic – all we ask in return is that you take care of these items, and once again, make sure you always keep them safe and secure, wherever you are.

    We’re talking about:

  • Corporate credit cards;
  • Office/building keys and security passes;
  • Computers, electronic/voice mail codes;
  • Intellectual Property (e.g. written materials, work products);
  • Mobile phones;
  • Internet-banking Digi passes.
  • We’ll ask you to return everything back to us if you decide to stop working with us (damn!)


    If we need you to travel for work, just keep the invoices and we’ll reimburse the cost back to you.

    If you meet up or dine out with clients or business contacts regularly, do keep an eye on the tab. Don’t forget to get approval from your Line Manager before! For further guidance on expenses, please have a look at the Travel Expenses Policy and the Compliance Policy.

    If we send you to another country to work your particular magic abroad, we’ll help you get everything sorted as best as we can, so you can get started as smoothly as possible. This only applies if we send you for more than 12 months and if your new base is one hundred miles away from your original location.

    So if we send you to the moon, yes, that counts too!

    Business Travels Image
    Health and Safety Image



    Our people deserve to work in a safe environment and SKS365 is committed to providing employees with a healthy, safe and productive workplace.

    We encourage people to follow some workplace safety tips that every employee on this planet should know:

  • Reduce Workplace Stress: stress can lead to depression and concentration problems. Common causes of workplace stress include long hours (get outta here!), heavy workload (take breaks!) and conflicts with coworkers or manager (talk it out!) Take your concerns about workplace stress to your supervisor to see how he/she can help you address them.
  • Take Regular Breaks: So many work-related injuries and illnesses occur because an employee is tired, burned out and not alert to his/her surroundings. Taking regular breaks helps you stay fresh on the job. One trick to staying alert is to schedule the most difficult tasks when your concentration is best, like first thing in the morning: the early bird catches the worm!
  • Maintain Correct Posture To Protect Your Back: there’s no need to become the new Hunchback of Notre-Dame, so keep your shoulders in line with your hips to avoid back problems. If you’re picking things up, use the correct method so your back doesn’t get hurt and avoid stooping and twisting.
  • Use Tools And Machines Properly: Take the proper precautions when using tools, and never take shortcuts. Taking shortcuts is one of the leading cause of workplace injury. It’s a huge safety risk to use scaffolding as a ladder or one tool in place of another for a specific job. Using tools the right way greatly reduces the chance of workplace injury.
  • Report Unsafe Conditions To Your Supervisor: Your supervisor needs to be informed about any workplace safety hazards or risks. SKS365 is obliged to ensure its employees have a safe working environment and will take care of any unsafe conditions and make them safe for you and your coworkers.
  • For more in-depth details about H&S, please refer to your HR department and in-country legislation.

  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings: get to know your workplace, have a look around and be aware of what are the potential risks inside and outside the office. A man forewarned is forearmed, don't you think?
  • Stay Sober: Around 3% of workplace fatalities occur due to alcohol and drugs. When a worker’s ability to exercise judgment, coordination, motor control, concentration or alertness is compromised, this leads to any number of risks for workplace injury and fatalities.
  • Stay fit, go to the doctor, eat your broccoli: if you’re entitled to a gym membership, preventive tests through your health insurance and you can chew on healty snacks at the office, please take advantage of this!
  • Keep Emergency Exits Easily Accessible: in case of an emergency, you’ll need quick, easy access to the exits!

    In our team there are 16 nationalities and counting!

    Being an equal opportunity employer means that we provide the same opportunities for hiring, advancement and benefits to everyone without discriminating on the basis of protected characteristics like age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity/nationality, religion, disability or medical history.

    These opportunities will not be influenced by considerations other than employee’s performance, ability and attitude.

    Commitment to provide equal opportunities and treatment to all employees, associates and job applicants without regard to race, colour, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, political affiliation, personal appearance, family responsibilities or any other protected characteristics is our absolute aim.

    We are proud of being international: having offices in different countries, working in numerous markets and nurturing cultural diversity within the Company.

    You can always hear different languages at any office and we get wealthier every day by learning something new about each other.

    Having said that, it might be superfluous to point out that any form of discrimination will not be tolerated, but please keep this strictly in mind. This refers to discrimination of other people, including but not limited to: current and former employees, job applicants, clients, customers, suppliers and visitors and applies at the workplace, outside the workplace when dealing with customers, suppliers or other work-related contacts, when wearing Company-branded clothing and on work-related trips or events including social events.

    Everyone deserves to feel appreciated and no one has the right to threaten the dignity of another person or create an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment. We don’t want anyone to experience any form of harassment/bullying or other unfair treatment for any reason whatsoever.

    Situations like this will be immediately addressed and we promise to take a strict approach with the perpetrator.

    If you believe you are being bullied, harassed or discriminated against, your line manager and members of the HR department are always available for you. Report and discuss the situation with them and we promise they will help you further according to relevant Company policies as well as local laws and regulations.

    Also, our HR department is responsible to ensure our processes Company-wide are bias-free. Whenever we find biases interfering, we will act immediately to train our people to combat their biases and protect possible victims of discrimination.

    As a final note, please be aware that making a false allegation of bullying, harassment or discrimination deliberately and in bad faith is considered a serious violation of discipline.

    Training and deveopment
    Disciplinary Image


    And now, please behold our least favourite subject: Disciplinary Issues!

    In all honesty, we know these things can happen anywhere, so we must know how to deal with them.

    The Company’s approach to discipline is a serious and a thorough one and will be dealt with in accordance with relevant Company policies and local laws and regulations in the country of employment.

    The Disciplinary policy is available on BambooHR and this is only a short overview.

    The aim of having a disciplinary policy and procedure is to maintain the expected standards of work and behaviour whilst ensuring that the Company deals with discipline consistently and fairly.

    Above all, it is intended to ensure that all disciplinary actions are handled in a positive way.

    It is not possible to establish a set of disciplinary rules which cover every eventuality concerning misconduct, but in general disciplinary actions may result in calling a disciplinary meeting, oral/verbal warning, first written warning, final written warning, termination of contract and/or other sanctions short of dismissal – like demotion or redeployment to another role (where permitted) and/or extension of a final written warning with a further review period.

    Why does termination of contract happen at times? As you might imagine, this occurs in the case of conduct that is considered a severe violation of discipline. For example, continuing conduct which has already resulted in previous disciplinary action, fraudulent falsification of Company documentation or conversion of Company property, obtaining bribes, disclosing of the Company’s or a client’s confidential information, conduct causing the breakdown of trust between employer and employee, violation of local and international laws, regulations and rules, physical violence or assault on colleagues or any other misconduct considered serious enough - which hopefully we will never experience.

    Pretty serious, isn’t it! Just imagine the damage and the risk other employees and the Company might be exposed to if any of the above occurs.

    Point #1: Take the time to consider whether problems are sufficiently serious to warrant disciplinary action.

    Point #2: Let’s not wait until a string of events have occurred over time before approaching an employee about his/her performance or conduct. We should informally or formally address issues as and when they occur and record the events accordingly. We rely on managers to carry out this practice as conscious and timely as they can. The HR team is always available to help. In some cases, an informal, “off the record” chat is all that is required to make an Employee aware that their performance/conduct is unacceptable.

    Point #3: The Company has different approaches when it comes to resolving disciplinary issues, exclusively depending on the seriousness of the offence and guidelines stipulated by relevant local laws and regulations in the country of employment.


    Communication is the key: A deep dive!

    The value of clear, respectful, accurate, coordinated and timely workplace communication cannot be emphasised enough. Keep in mind that being such a diverse team from many different countries, we must stick to one language so that everyone feels included and respected – and that language is English.

    Effective communication in a working environment is ensuring everyone is well informed, understands how the Company operates, supports each other, carries out their daily tasks efficiently and effectively, is focused on the issues they are dealing with and the broader picture we are moving towards – our strategic direction.

    And the outcomes are great: making our business run as effectively as possible, helping others and maintaining a healthy and open working environment.

    All this by exchanging meaning and understanding among people - awesome, isn’t it?

    This chapter is intended to bring you closer to how we communicate within SKS365 by sharing our view on this subject, a few principles, do’s and don’ts to keep with you.

    When we talk about communication, we have in mind every form of it – written, electronic, verbal.

    Here at SKS365 we nurture a culture of open and informal, yet professional relations. This means that we tend to have not so many rules, but rely on spontaneous and genuine human characteristics to guide us.

    Courtesy, friendliness, tact, a spirit of helpfulness and consideration of others should guide you in your contact with fellow workers, customers or any internal or external contact.

    If in doubt, let the principle of showing respect to other people in the Company and other contacts in a business context guide you. That is what keeps good relationships, even if you don’t agree on a topic.

    Bonus Chapter Image


    You can provide information using many options such as, but not necessarily limited to, overt means like official meetings, emails, reports, discussions, notice boards, policies, handbooks, instruction manuals and the more casual forms of day to day communication, like face-to-face, chats... you name it. It takes skill to use the most appropriate and effective one in each situation.

    Ok, so which one should you choose? All in all, keep it simple and adjust formality to the importance and the audience. Think about who, when, on what and why needs to be informed and be free to rely on your good judgement (which also means being able to judge if you need to ask for advice and guidance).

  • There is unlikely to be an effective exchange of meaning or understanding, unless there is discussion and the opportunity for questions to be asked and answers received. This is best conveyed in face-to-face communication.
  • Correspondence involving lots of people covering a subject that requires discussion can lead to endless emailing and moving back and forth. Instead, have a meeting, chats or calls if face-to-face communication is not possible due to location and distance.
  • Keep in mind the value of face-to-face communication but remember that sometimes it is not enough. Confirm important information and decisions in writing for the record and/or so that the information can be referred to from time to time.
  • The needs of various internal audiences should be considered when planning communication. Some audiences will be satisfied with simple verbal presentations while others will require documentation of significant information.
  • Share information on a “need to know” basis - you only tell the relevant people the facts they need to know, at the time they need to know them, and nothing more.
  • Avoid controversial issues if not considering an important matter. It is safer to turn to your manager and ask for advice if not sure.
  • Delaying communication “until all details are clear” can sometimes do more harm. In reality, it is easy to get caught up in problems as soon as they emerge, but speaking up right away can save you from unpleasant consequences.
  • Care should be taken to decide what requires formal communication and by whom, and what can be communicated informally. Significant information should show who has authorized its release and be released in all needed locations in time.
  • Communication about significant happenings, business updates and other important group level information need to be thoroughly planned and delivered. There are people in the Company dedicated to distributing information across the group - the members of senior management team, colleagues from HR and marketing. Leave it to them.

    Italy, Austria, Malta & Serbia


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    The Employee’s Guide to SKS365

    SKS365 Group aims to deliver the highest quality gaming and entertainment services to customers through its flagship brand planetwin365 and other associated brands. We strive to create value for the end user by always providing a better, market leading offer wherever we are.