Rome, 3rd April 2024 – SKS365, through its multiservice platform PlanetPay365, partner of ACF Fiorentina – gifted two of its employees, Giuliano Ragno (Retail Tech Manager) and Nebojsa Nisavic (Automation Quality Assurance Engineer)  with a unique experience characterized by technological innovation, inclusion, and talent growth under the common theme of sports, as they were guests for a day at Viola Park, the brand-new home of the Tuscan club.

The two winners of a special internal contest among the company’s employees had the opportunity to enter into the heart of one of the most advanced sports centres in Europe, noticing at Viola Park those same elements of technological innovation and inclusivity that distinguish the SKS365 entity, where approximately 600 people from over 20 different nationalities coexist across the four offices of the group (Italy, Serbia, Malta, and Austria).

From the training pitches of the Youth team and the Women’s team to the Media Center, from the TV studio to the Villa, the office of President Rocco Commisso, to the meeting points of the athletes such as the canteen, the gym, and the bar. Throughout the day, Giuliano and Nebojsa, guided by the staff of ACF Fiorentina, were able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Viola Park and live a 360-degree experience, by visiting 10 different locations of the sports center.

The highlight of the special tour was the meeting with some of the most important members of ACF Fiorentina. Ragno and Nisavic had the privilege of receiving Fiorentina jerseys from Nicolas Burdisso, Technical Director of ACF Fiorentina, and getting to know the team’s Match Analyst, who shared valuable insights with them on the technical-tactical analysis of the performances of the Viola players, emphasizing the importance of the work of each club member to achieve team success.

To end in style the day, the two employees were allowed to watch the first team’s training from a privileged position and meet some of the most representative players of ACF Fiorentina at the end of the session, including Andrea Belotti and Nico Gonzalez and take some photos too. In particular, Nebojsa, who works at the Belgrade office of SKS365, was excited to meet in person the defender of Fiorentina and of the Serbian national team Nikola Milenkovic, thus completing a truly unforgettable experience.

“I’m really thrilled”, comments Nebojsa Nisavic. “It was all fantastic: so many football pitches, auxiliary facilities in a magnificent environment and in a stunning location. I’m truly speechless”. For him, the trip had an even greater significance, as it was his first time in Italy. “It’s more than I expected. Italy is beautiful, I’m amazed by the nature, the people, and their hospitality. I thank SKS365 and PlanetPay365 for giving me this fantastic opportunity”.

“I come from years of sports, and visiting such an innovative facility, fully dedicated to football, was wonderful”, says Giuliano Ragno. “Understanding the mechanisms, assisting at the training, and everything revolving around such an important team was fantastic”.

“SKS365 and Fiorentina share the same values and drive for innovation that contributes to the creation of new ideas and products”, explains Gianfranco Pastore, Head of Sponsorships & Partnerships at SKS365. “With PlanetPay365, our brand of high-value-added services with high technological value, we have been Official Value-Added Service Partners of Fiorentina for three years, and we are happy to be here. At Viola Park, we find the same processes that we experience in our company for sharing ideas and living together, two points that encourage creative and operational processes”. 

“We often connect the concept of innovation with technology. Many times, however, as happens at Viola Park, it can also be connected to rethinking behaviors, processes, and relationships differently from the past. Our sports center rewards the values of gender and generational inclusion and brings together all these values”, adds Enrico Peruzzo, Revenue Director of ACF Fiorentina.

“The first feeling is that of pride in working here, of being part of this family that had the great idea of thinking of a sports center like this”, continues Nicolás Burdisso, Technical Director of ACF Fiorentina. “On a practical level, this is reflected in the quality of work in the ranking, in the performance, and above all in generating a great sense of belonging. The fact that we are always together, that we bring together the youth team, or the women’s team, with the Serie A players – who represent the end point and with whom everyone can identify – is one of the dynamics that we should stimulate”.

The employer branding initiative of SKS365 at Viola Park further testifies the company’s commitment to creating a positive and engaging work environment, where the growth and the development of talents are fundamental aspects to achieve company successes.

The complete video of the experience is available at this link: