IT & Business Analytics

IT Operations
Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.

Our team of system engineers deliver mission-critical infrastructure (network, server, device management) and ensures the highest levels of availability, performance and security. Service Desk team is accountable for optimization of services on behalf of the business and overseeing IT functions 24/7. Database team takes care of design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance of new and existing databases to enable efficient access to the information stored in the databases. Release team is accountable for planning and managing the process of testing and deploying new software solutions and applications as well as for writing and archiving release documentation.

Product & Technology
We Just Do It

The unit consists of several teams where Developers, Engineers, Product Managers and Business Analysts work closely together to meet the business deliverables. Platform team works on the bookmaker configuration, handling the fundamental requests coming from key users (clients and agents). Betting team is accountable for the development and maintenance of all features around the lifecycle of a bet, from the moment of creation of a betslip until its final settlement. Payments and Sportsbook teams are responsible for integration and maintenance of third-party platforms such as payment and gaming providers, as well as sportsbook data suppliers. Digital and UI / UX team work together to deliver the front-end part of all our applications and provide user friendly designed solutions. Retail Tech team is specialized for development and delivery of betting terminals hardware and specific applications like Cash Desk Client. “Sport Italy” team is focused on specific areas of the business where no active development is needed.
QA team with their automated and manual testers are vital to guarantee that all changes and new developed features are properly tested before and after going live on production.

Business Analysis
The price of light is less than the cost of darkness

Business analysts are accountable for providing reliable data through reports, analysis and projections to business units, management board and shareholders. Their ultimate purpose is to enable easier decision making to relevant requesters, which leads to overall improvement of company business.