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"With a size of 312km² Malta is the tenth smallest country in the world. A collection of tiny islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it is where Southern European, Africa and the Middle East meet. Due to the large presence of gaming and financial companies, Malta has attracted many foreigners throughout the years. The island is especially popular with Italians, Scandinavians, British, and Germans. If history and culture are your thing, then Malta has it all. Immerse yourself in stories from the times of the Arab rule to the order of the Knights of St John, to over 150 years of British rule and the island’s stern resolve in World War 2. Get lost in the quaint steep streets of Valletta, Malta’s spectacular capital city. Visit one of the 365 churches, one for each day of the year, that the island has to offer. With 300 days of sunshine a year, it is summer all year round on this gem in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you want to bathe in its warm waters or party the night away in one of the many of establishments Malta is the place for you. With over 3 million tourists a year this little island can become very busy during summer months and is very popular with young people."

- Anniina Rantala, Commercial Director Online