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Marketing Department is responsible for the development of
SKS365 and Planetwin365 Brand Awareness

Give support to the company for products promotion and users acquisition, additionally define Positioning product/corporate, Brand Equity and company Brand Reputation.

Researches, Advertising, Sponsorship & Project Management

Developing analysis and market research to define corporate and product positioning, finalize communication strategies and online/offline advertising plan, signing national or international sponsorship deals. Team takes care of specific marketing projects or giving support to other dipartments (es. retail, digital, gaming, ecc.).

& Retail

Marketing department realizes and manages online/offline brand guidelines (corporate and product). Coordinating with other teams for online and offline promotional campaigns and related graphic assets. Close to Retail department, the dept. plans the network communication strategy. Moreover is in charge for definition and realization of concept store, rebranding activity, comunication guidelines, instore promotions, merchandising and gadget, managing events b2c instore and b2b to support network commercial operations.

& Content

The department is in charge for all internal and external communication activities: PR and press office, italian and international press review, istitutional relationships, corporate social responsability, brand reputation and sentiment analysis, public and corporate events. Other duties include: managing of corporate blog and products social media channels, editorial web content, online communication on Planetwin365 and b2b network websites.