From diversity management to healthy lifestyles and careers tips, the international bookmaker SKS365 makes the Company Culture Book for employees in four countries available to everyone 

Roma, May 30th, 2019 – No longer traditional regulations, codes and disciplinaries, not just company profiles or classical mission or vision descended from above and communicated to employees as a mantra. With the increase in professional skills and diversity, individual needs and the simultaneous development of the HR in Italy, attention is also growing on social and personal relationships in companies, on the quality of life of employees and – among the more recent trends – the common sharing of a corporate culture to be transmitted, even before the outside, to internal resources. A specific identity based on precise values ​​and transparency at all levels.

Abroad, companies like Facebook, Netflix, Spotify or LinkedIn have translated this concept into a “manual”, a company culture book that is aimed primarily at employees, directly involved to become an active part of the company, embracing the philosophy while, for its part, the management itself is committed to enhancing the relationship not only in words, but also through economic bonuses, extra benefits and measures for balancing work and private life.

The Italian response has arrived in recent days from the world of betting, specifically from the SKS365 Group, an international bookmaker that has decided not only to create its own Company Culture Book, but to make it completely accessible to anyone: just visit the link

“The term ‘value’ in today’s society is mainly related to money or to the utility or importance of an object. However, if we look at the plural term ‘values’​, a more interesting and profound meaning resides in it. Values are the set of beliefs that guides us in the right direction regarding our daily actions and relationships with other people. As a result they represent a useful and valuable tool – explained the SKS365 Chief People Officer, Brian Dean – Making visible to all the fundamental values ​​of SKS365 helps to spread not only a better understanding of the company, but also a better understanding of the actions SKS365 undertakes in its business.”It’s a new initiative for italian context, where SKS365 works to keep itself at the top of the reference market and, at the same time, stand out as one of the best workplace with the ability to attract the excellence of the technology, financial and IT sector. The Group currently has over 500 internal employees in the three offices: Serbia, Malta, and Italy (Rome). 16 nationalities live together under the one roof of a reality that, according to the Company Culture Book, is against all forms of discrimination regarding age, gender, sexual or religious orientation, ethnicity or nationality and disability.

“The fundamental values ​​contained in the Employee’s Guide are the virtues linked to our identity, they reflect who we are. This means that they are implicit and translate into the daily conduct of our employees. Furthermore, our Company Culture Book is a perfect business card to attract talented potential candidates to the labor market ”- concluded Brian Dean.

Alongside the policies of integration and enhancement of diversity, a training, updating and professional growth program to allow each employee to advance within the company; greater importance to the achievement of objectives – and relative rewards for individual or team – rather than time spent in the office; a health insurance plan but, above all, continuous encouragement to the cultivation of personal passions and to personal fulfillment even far from PCs and desks.