Our Chief People Officer, Brian Dean, for Touchpoint Magazine.

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Within Italy, our industry like many others, is particularly competitive therefore it’s about differentiation: what does our brand stand for and what does it mean for our customers as well as our employees! The common denominator is people – whether you work for the brand or you are a consumer, and everyone is different therefore message has to be clear, consistent and transparent for all in an attempt to be meaningful to a diverse group of people.

How we approach this is from an internal out perspective – our strong employer brand and transparent communications builds an engaged workforce which in turn creates brand ambassadors with clear advocacy and purpose which is transferred to our consumers! Critical to a successful relationship is listening to our customers, understanding their mindset, behaviour and needs. By ensuring that the relationship is a one based on open and direct communication, then what this creates is a connected relationship, ultimately trust with loyalty that delivers long term value for both sides.

In our business, our mantra is to offer the ultimate entertainment experience for our players! Today it no longer works to sell just a product, and it is more fundamental to describe the environment in which that product exists. We are talking about a safe, transparent, responsible and pleasant environment in which our customers feel they are the main actors and not just an extra. We acknowledge this purely because we have invested in the customer – brand relationship.

Brian Dean