Brand new partnership between the bookmaker and Udemy platform to offer thousands of virtual lessons with which workers will be able to increase professional skills and cultivate personal interests and goals

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From Leadership & Management to yoga, from Marketing to Data Science, through guitar lessons and design courses, to photography, pilates and even courses to pilot a drone. These are just some of the contents available to employees of SKS365, one of the leading operators in the international betting and gaming market, in Italy with the Planetwin365 brand.

Almost 500 workers located between Italy, Austria, Serbia and Malta, all currently remote working due to the global health pandemic Covid-19. Despite the general situation of uncertainty, the company continues to invest in their workforce’s learning activity, providing courses useful not only for skills development for advancement and professional career, but also to improve or deepen one's hobbies and personal interests. More than 4,000 courses on demand, some with the possibility of obtaining a true certification according to the area, all available on a single platform: Udemy, one of the most famous and rich marketplaces in the world.

“Moving towards the learning culture is recognized to both, bring high value to the people and ensure long term sustainability of the companies. In SKS we definitely aim to embrace this culture. We know we are there when learning is no longer one more must on top of our busy schedules, but the way we approach things, an intrinsic need – said Milena Milosevic, HR Director -. On our path towards the learning culture we wanted to provide to our people learning that is exciting, diverse, available anytime and anywhere - shaped by today’s people needs. We recognized Udemy for Business as a great platform and partner. Message is simple - Learn for your job, learn for yourself, learn music or graphic design, programming, leadership skills and much more. I find it beneficial because we can really explore what we want to learn… personally, and professionally.”

SKS365 had embarked in 2019 on a process of inclusion and integration aimed at employees, through the publication of the company culture book – available online and open to all on web – a sort of corporate 'manifesto' with which management has undertaken to enhance the relationship with human resources not only in words, but also with economic bonuses, extra benefits and measures for balancing work and private life.

"This period of strict isolation redefines the dynamics of work and interaction, risks distancing the employees from their company – commented Brian Dean, CPO and Head of Communication of SKS365 – This is an unprecedented and sudden situation, which will leave a sign on all of us and will say a lot about how the relationship with the people was approached, not only in terms of technical support and role guarantee, but also as a presence, stimulus and involvement. We thought of the best way to invest in our resources, in their growth, extending attention not only to their working position, but also to their attitudes and passions. Each of them will know how to find their favourite courses among the countless contents offered by Udemy for Business."

The agreement with Udemy for e-learning on demand enriches training, updating programs and, above all, concretizes the commitment that has always been declared to encourage the cultivation of individual passions and personal fulfilment even away from PCs and desks.

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