The Company takes stock of the development and expansion path carried out during lockdown.

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Cox (SKS365’s CCO): “Thanks to several innovations in every field, we have transformed an unprecedented threat for the business into an incredible opportunity for growth.”

These have been difficult months for the entire international gaming industry, with the retail network’s forced closure and the main sports competitions’ cancellations all over the world. The end of the lockdown means for many the unavoidable count of the damages and losses, but among the leading gaming operators there are also those who took the opportunity to come up with clear ideas and a plan of action that has never stopped.

SKS365, the group owner of the Planetwin365 brand carried on tirelessly an important path of innovation already started before the lockdown by, completing several fundamental projects in these past months in lockdown.

"We can proudly say that we can face the recovery of normality with an even stronger identity, and a solid awareness because of the concrete results achieved during the Coronavirus lockdown– said Troy Cox, Chief Commercial Officer in SKS365 – We had to react and redesign our offer, adapting both to the limitations dictated by the stop of world sport events and to the related new needs of the Italian customers. And most of all, we had to provide a lot of support to the retail network which has been the most affected business branch during the Covid-19 emergency.

From enhancing the offer on eSports to adding new Casino titles in our portfolio, thanks to important partnerships and improvements, plus the launch of ad hoc initiatives for the retail network and supported it constantly in view of the reopening, to be able to start over with the business from day one. As it has been said, the future of the companies will depend on how they managed and acted when everything was frozen. So, we have never stopped. One of the results of this work is an important development of the online presence of our retail market. This project is conceived to support and enhance the shops’ online visibility and the engagement with the customers”.

SKS365 has taken this opportunity to give greater impetus to the company's IT soul, meeting the need for digitization that this pandemic has greatly enlarged and accelerated. This effort has resulted in a project in partnership with Yext – one of the most innovative suppliers in digital sector - that makes SKS365 keeping the pace with innovation technology: the Planetwin STORE LOCATOR.

“With the reopening of our shops, I am thrilled to announce major updates to point of sale systems for customers and shop owners - commented Jim Parkins, Chief Product and Technology Officer of SKS365 - The new Planetwin365 self-service bet booking system represents the biggest change for our customers since the launch of our retail systems. Apart from significantly improving the speed and experience placing bets, along with our market leading betting terminals, the new software will help shop owners and customers maintain safe social distancing. Additionally, locating all our 1000 planetwin365 shops are now easily findable for customers in: Google maps, Apple maps, Waze and 45 other social mapping solutions. We look forward to welcoming back customers with our strongest product offering ever.”

The platform crosses Google Maps and network data to provide the user with an updated and complete map of all the shops in the proximity, including contacts, directions for reaching the shop and many other information that will soon be implemented. The Store Locator represents just the beginning of SKS synergy with Yext. More has to come in the following months.

"We are thrilled to work with SKS and to enhance their innovations - commented Wendi Sturgis, Yext CEO Europe -. As with any highly regulated industry, our goal is to make sure we can provide a better customer experience and increased discoverability while supporting the team at SKS in driving efficiencies. Especially now, in a challenging time with COVID-19, we’re proud to keep pushing to drive excellence."

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