IBS Italia Beach Soccer 2011/2012

//IBS Italia Beach Soccer 2011/2012
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Project Description

Project Description 

The PlanetWin365 brand took centre stage at the 2011 and 2012 Italian Beach Soccer Tour, the international championship where main international teams battle it out (Italy, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Cameron, Poland, Spain, Senegal, Holland, Austria, Russia and Portugal). Organised by a great name in Italian football, Maurizio Iorio, PlanetWin365 landed with full force on Italian shores, taking part in the leading event of the summer sports calendar, a unique, unmissable spectacle close to the hearts of football fans.

PlanetWin365 was the shirt sponsor of the “Azzurri”, and we even dressed the fans in the famous national blue! The official ball, pitch branding and live SKY broadcasts were also branded by PlanetWin365.

Five legs were sponsored by PlanetWin365 in both editions of IBS, where gadgets were handed out and prizes drawn included the autographs of the great champions of the national team (Gianluca Pagliuca, Filippo Maniero, Maurizio Ganz, Max Tonetto, Nicola Amoruso, Marco del Vecchio, Angelo Di Livio, Valerio Bertotto, Luigi di Biagio, Francesco Flachi and Gianluca Berti, to name but a few).

IBS and PlanetWin365 were the perfect duo, setting an outstanding example of both professionalism and fair play.


Speed 76%
Technique 93%
Discipline 80%
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