Virtus Entella Chiavari 2012/13

//Virtus Entella Chiavari 2012/13
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Project Description

Project Description 

Our support for Entella Chiavari had one clear objective: getting the entire Tigullio up on the dance floor! After the great success achieved in terms of ratings and critics’ reviews, LiveRadio365 (SKS365’s web radio brand) signed a sponsorship contract with Entella Chiavari, newly promoted to the Pro1 League football championship for the 2012/13 season.

LiveRadio365’s deal provided an insight into football reality, giving its listeners and the club supporters a chance to be constantly updated through interviews and appearances by the club managers and players featuring as guests during the live broadcasts.  This proved to be a unique opportunity to tell the club’s story, comment on the results and reveal secrets from behind the scenes.


Speed 85%
Technique 93%
Discipline 80%
Web: Virtus Entella