Malta, 21st March 2023 – RAW Arena, the aggregator arm of the RAW Group, has signed a deal to supply its differentiated portfolio of RAW games with Italian market-leading operator SKS365.

With this agreement, the most popular content of Raw Arena will be available on SKS365’s Planetwin365 online casino including highly innovative patent-pending SuperSlice® games & SuperTracks® games, such as the popular Lucky McGee’s SuperSlice Swirl® and SuperTracks Railways.

SuperSlice engine stands out for delivering random and dynamic slices on any wheel in the game with each iteration a surprise to players who don’t know how many slices will be generated or what will appear on them. Possibilities include mini-games, free spins, high-value symbols, and multiplier triggers.

New coming mechanics SuperStretch™ and SuperSymbols™ will be also integrated into Planetwin365 portfolio.

Tom WoodCEO of RAW said: “We’re so delighted to start our RAW Italian adventure with one of the top operators’, SKS365. Amazing to see the SuperSlice® dedicated category for Planetwin365 customers and for the continued introduction of RAW to the Italian market.”

Troy Cox, SKS365 Chief Commercial Officer, added: “RAW’s focus on innovative, high-quality games, fits perfectly with our goal to bring new, differentiated content for the entertainment of our customers. We believe in the growth of non traditional games and we are confident that Raw’s SuperSlice titles will gain wide acclaim both among our new and most experienced players”.