The Retail department is responsible for managing the entire network of agencies. Some of their activities include contact with potential shop agents, supportingshop openings, training of shop agents, verification and control of sales activities, reporting and data analysis.

Retail Administration

Retail Administration provides structure and support to our retail business through setting up processes, defining policies and procedures and ensuring business efficiency.

They collaborate, synergize and combine efforts with other teams to achieve Retail goals and provide high quality service to our partners. Retail Administration covers four main areas and administrates all back-office Retail operations and functions:

Retail Affiliation
& Contract Management

Accountable for managing applications and assisting shop agents with necessary application paperwork, managing contract life cycle and ensuring shop network due diligence and accurate document management in general.

Retail Administration
& Accounting

Accountable for administering, monitoring and controlling shop balances, overseeing cashflow and ensuring adequate controls are in place.

& Risk

Accountable for management and coordination of efforts to ensure that performance management and quality improvement Retail programs are developed and managed using a data driven approach. Supervise AML monitoring and help detect and prevent risk by analyzing suspicious activity in shops.


Accountable for design and delivery of training sessions with new agents and betting stores personnel. Design and execute orientation programs for Retail network.