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For me Rome is probably one of the most beautiful and exciting places to live in Europe. It’s one-of-a-kind city with an incredible blend of history, art, culture and life. Having a walk-through Rome is like walking through a living museum, where you, beside the famous sights like the Vatican, the Colosseum or the Spanish Steps, will find a lot of history, breath-taking monuments, churches and other heritages behind almost every corner. Not only the buildings are beautiful in Rome but Italians love to live the beauty itself – fashion is a very big topic here – you will find thousands of little boutiques offering amazing and unique textile pieces for men and women everywhere. The city is the perfect place to get to know ‘la dolce vita’ of Italy while remaining in a very international environment that offers the perfect mix of connecting with expats from all-over the world as well as with locals. There are plenty of places where you can go after work to enjoy an ‘aperitivo’ or some amazing local food like Pasta ‘all’ amatriciana, ‘alla carbonara’ or the thinly baked traditional roman Pizza.

- Stefanie, Business Manager Legal & Compliance