22nd November 2023 – A corporate forest of 1,000 trees to promote environmental sustainability and support rural communities in different parts of the globe is the first initiative that SKS365 – one of the leading gaming and betting operators in the Italian market – has launched as part of the PlanetGreen365 corporate sustainability program.

The new project is one of the milestones of the SKS365’s ESG agenda. The group has already launched in the past months – in its offices in Italy and Serbia – numerous activities for environmental protection to pave the way to the PlanetGreen365 program, which aims to promote a culture of sustainability through education and example for new generations. Furthermore, PlanetGreen365, also thanks to the collaboration with Treedom will contribute to achieving 10 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined in the United Nations’ Agenda for 2030.

SKS365 has created its corporate forest, with 1,000 trees that will grow in seven countries around the world spread over three continents: Latin America, Asia and Africa. Each employee of the company has received a tree of their choice as a gift, which they can follow online, receiving updates on the project the tree is part of and its specific impact on the environment in terms of CO₂ absorption. Moreover, a part of the 1,000 adopted trees – such as cocoa in Cameroon, avocado in Guatemala, and coffee in Nepal, to name a few – has been donated to the children, grandchildren, and other young acquaintances of the employees with the aim to involve future generations in a virtuous path of awareness, consciousness, and concrete actions for the environmental cause.

“We are extremely aware of the urgent need to address the issue of climate change and environmental sustainability”, said Brian Dean, Chief People Officer of SKS365. “From heat waves to hurricanes, from droughts to floods and fires, extreme weather events are becoming increasingly frequent, putting human lives at risk and the future of our planet in jeopardy. Therefore, it is necessary to raise awareness and responsibility among all of us in the fight against climate change and to safeguard the environment: governments, businesses, communities, and even individuals, everyone must play his part. The synergy with Treedom represents a fantastic opportunity to give something back to the planet, both from an environmental and social point of view, through an action as simple and concrete as planting trees and making them grow. We have estimated that with this first step, our one thousand trees will manage to absorb approximately 280 tons of CO₂ over the course of their first 10 years of life. This initiative will contribute to making the world more sustainable and, at the same time, will allow our employees to establish a deep connection with the land and our planet. And this is going beyond employees, embracing future generations by involving young people in taking care of the SKS365 forest. The energy and passion of the youngsters are the key to building a better future, and to do so, they need to acquire and develop the knowledge, values, and behaviors that can guide them to reduce environmental impact in daily life”.