… is how we work, think and grow.
… is a new philosophy that’s redefined the employer-employee relationship.

It transforms the complexities of constant juggling in our professional and personal life and the broader environment into a harmonious relationship between the demands of the business and the wellbeing and engagement of our people. That’s why finding and keeping that right balance is at the very core of WORK.LIVE.PLAY!

because people matter


Facundo Elias Felicito

Junior Commercial
Business Analyst

Chiara de Filippo

Junior Legal

Giovanni Romilla

Retail Development
Manager North

Uroš Radojević

Live Soccer
Betting Supervisor

Marija Novaković

Retail Customer Service
Team Leader

Milica Bogunović

Talent Acquisition

WORK.LIVE.PLAY. allows our people to create a more personal way of working while remaining productive in their roles and feeling they have purpose and impact within the organisation. The connected leadership complemented by open and transparent communication and feedback were fundamental in enabling us to deliver the culture. So, it is not just about choosing where to work on each day of the week, it is about finding the right balance between work – the needs and requirements of each employee, their function and role, psychophysical wellbeing and free time. This is underpinned through trust, respect and inclusion that drive greater engagement and connection with our people. Our people are the most valuable asset – their wellbeing, engagement and satisfaction are our top priority.

How do we nurture our
WORK.LIVE.PLAY. culture?

Around the world, expectations from employers and employees changed during the coronavirus pandemic. That gave us momentum to revamp our culture and set new boundaries that differentiate us from our competitors. We are different because we nurture:

  • A positive and rewarding environment where people can grow
  • Freedom to circumnavigate anxiety about personal responsibilities and opportunity to forge strong relationships inside and outside of work
  • Individual approach to personal needs, mental health and overall wellbeing respecting time off and family time.

Our ambitions are huge, and we know it! They are anchored in seamlessly evolving the innovative WORK.LIVE.PLAY. model by cultivating open feedback, self-improvement, individuality, diversity and fun.


How we take care
of our people

Awards and

SKS365 has been certified as a Top Employer 2023 in Italy!

This recognition comes as a result of an exciting five-year journey that involved the transformation of our business and processes, the evolution of our people-driven culture and the implementation of positive changes in people practices. We are grateful to our people for their hard work and support, and especially their relentless commitment and continuous feedback! Today, we stand shoulder to shoulder with Top Employers such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Olympus, DHL, Generali and Amazon. And what makes this achievement even more fantastic is the fact that there are only two companies from our industry with the same certification! Read more about it in our press release .

Employer of the Year @ 2022 EGR Awards Italy

SKS365 Group was awarded Employer of the Year at the 2022 EGR Awards Italy! This comes from our people’s incredible work and a demonstration of our organization’s innovation and commercial success. This award recognizes the value of the company’s new working philosophy that redefines the relationship between employees and the company, and is aligned with business objectives. Additionally, for us it is a further boost towards the evolution and improvement of WORK.LIVE.PLAY. culture.

Radar Academy Award

SKS365 attended the Radar Academy Awards on 21st October 2022 for the first time ever and won the Company for Generation Z Award in the category of Smart Working! The merit of this achievement is in recognition of our working model WORK.LIVE.PLAY. launched in 2021. It takes a joint effort and outstanding collaboration of everyone in the company to build such valuable initiatives that distinguish us as a competitive and innovative player in the market!



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